Tyrol Basin Rail Jam

Watch skiers and snowboarders throw down their best tricks on runs through the Elver Terrain Park using as many jumps and rail features as possible.

The Tyrol Basin Rail Jam will have various divisions, everyone is welcome to compete! There is a 10.00 entry fee, half will be donated to Snowmaking at Elver Park. Prizes for placing 1st through 3rd for each division.

What is a Rail Jam? A Rail Jam is a jib contest (Jibbing is technical riding on non-standard surfaces, usually performing tricks, referring to the action of jumping, sliding or riding on top of objects other than snow). Skiers and Snowboarders perform tricks on rails, boxes, pipes, towers, wall rides, etc.


Event Details

Sunday, February 19 / 1:00 PM
1250 McKenna Blvd
Madison, WI 53719

Rider Meeting at 1pm @ location of rail jam

Pre-register Online before midnight prior to the event. Day of registration and Pre-reg bib pick up starts at 11:30 am at the Elver Park Shelter (#2).

**All competitors must wear an approved helmet.

Tyrol Basin

Tyrol Basin

Official Event Presenter