Skijor Clinic and Intro Race

Sunday, February 4

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn about and experience one of the fastest growing sports.

This is a cross-country ski clinic for those wishing to participate in skijor, and learn more how to be active and healthy with your very own dog. Topics include equipment, training and injury prevention, communication with your dog, – just to name a few. Hands on and practical training advice. Yes, – bring your Fido!

Clinic Presenter
Tim Burch, founder of the Milwaukee Mushers Group. Tim regularly mentors people interested in dogsledding and other dog powered sports.

I always look for ways to promote the sport whenever I can. I will bring my 3 dogs, one of which would be great for working with a beginner. She listens very well, and doesn’t pull too hard. I will also have extra belts, harnesses and lines for people to try.

The two biggest obstacles to getting into this sport is having a safe place to train and getting the dog(s) to pull and listen to commands. I’ve started a number of people out in the sport on the trails I maintain in Franklin, Wisconsin. I have also founded the Milwaukee Mushers Group for people to connect and learn.

Tim Burch, forunder of Milwaukee Mushers

Event Details

Sunday, February 4 / 8-10 AM
Elver Park
1250 McKenna Blvd
Madison, WI 53719


The event is 100% volunteer-run! Proceeds from registrations and additional donations to this event will support the Dane County Humane Society.


8-9 am: getting started in dog powered sports (presentation/clinic)
9-10 am: skijor race (beginners welcome!)


Dogs are welcome provided they are on-leash, licensed, permitted and wear current rabies registration tag. Please remember that dogs are not allowed in any park buildings. Dog owners, be sure to ALWAYS clean up after your dog.


Is this for beginners including the dog?
The clinic + fun race is open to all levels of skijorers, including beginners. Please come with your dog!

Can I rent skis at the Park?
Yes, Elver Park warming shelter will run equipment rentals.

I don’t own a special harness for skijoring. Would they be available for renting or borrowing?
The Clinic instructor will have extra belts, harnesses and lines for people to try.

Additional Information

Event Check-In
Online registration will close on February 2nd at 11:59pm. Walk up registration is available from 7:30 – 8:00 am at the Elver Park Shelter #2.

A cross-country ski permit is required at Elver Park and all groomed Dane County Park trails. Please make arrangements now to obtain your permit as you will be required to present it at the time of your packet pickup. Elver Park’s shelters will have a self service kiosks where you can purchase a daily ski pass.

Participant Perks
All registered skijorers will receive a Ski Buff and a doggie bandana. Pups will be awarded with treats!

General Rules
Entry into a skijor race is limited to one person + 1 dog. All dogs must be sufficiently fit to be able to complete the course without risk of injury. Dogs must be healthy and have up-to-date vaccinations. Skijorers may ski using skate technique.

A passing skijorer must execute a pass only when conditions are safe. The skijorer must shout “Trail”, “On your left”, before attempting to pass. Skijorers must exit the finish area as soon as possible.

Skijorers must exit the finish area as soon as possible. Personal dog handlers are welcome at the finish area but must stay clear of finishing team traffic.

Few sports start with picking the right life partner. But skijoring – cross-country skiing aided by an additional conveyance, often a dog – is one.

Skiing + Man’s Best Friend = Skijoring, With Love